Partnering with and Participating in Homeless Continuums of Care

Continuums of Care are generally made up of community stakeholders working collectively to end homelessness and applying federal and local funds to support these efforts. Victim services agencies should be key voices in these conversations.

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HUD Exchange

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

HUD Exchange provides resources, assistance, and information to support the work of HUD's partners in local communities. Includes tools for grantees and Continua of Care (CoCs), information about governance, Fair Housing, and links to various types of housing assistance.

Checklist: Incorporating Domestic Violence Providers into a Coordinated Assessment Process

National Alliance to End Homelessness

This document is a checklist for Continuums of Care to use to make certain that they are considering and incorporating the needs of households fleeing domestic violence and other similar forms of assault and harassment into their coordinated assessment processes. Systems should also ensure they are including domestic violence providers in the discussion of how the assessment system is structured from the beginning.

Public Housing Occupancy Guidebook - Chapter 19: Domestic Violence

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

This Guide is designed to assist public housing authority staff and HUD with a range of issues related to public housing occupancy, from application for admission and rent calculations through ongoing occupancy to lease termination. The guidebook is intended to provide a handy reference for all aspects of admissions and occupancy administration. This chapter is intended to establish a framework for the relationship between public housing agencies, victims of domestic violence who reside in public housing, and the domestic violence providers who may facilitate measures PHAs can employ to combat the problem.

Technology and Confidentiality Resources Toolkit for Nonprofit Victim Service Agencies and Advocates

National Network to End Domestic Violence

Privacy and confidentiality is paramount to safety for victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Yet victim service agencies may need to share information in many ways: with community partners, within community coordinated response teams, through referrals to other service providers, or in community-wide data collection initiatives. This website provides guidance for agencies in understanding their obligations to confidentiality in accordance to federal laws, best practices to ensure survivor-centered services, when and how much information to keep, and how best to share information with others.

Developing Well-Designed Safe Housing Projects: A Review of the HUD Continuum of Care (CoC) and the CoC Funding of Notice Funding Availability (NOFA) Process

National Network to End Domestic Violence

This webinar is a primer on the NOFA application and provides an overview of the application process and strategies for engaging with CoCs. Featured presenters include Mary O’Doherty, Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence; Rosemary Luckett, Kentucky Housing Corporation; and Michelle Yoebstl, BRASS, Inc. The password for viewing the webinar is dvhousing.