Consortium TA Team COVID-19 Special Topic Series: Advocate Listening Session

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Please join us for this 90-minute session – an opportunity for providers to come together, strategize new approaches, and support one another in the field. We know that housing saves lives and we want to hear from you, the invaluable essential workers who often go unacknowledged. With your help, and in the midst of colliding pandemics (racism, gender-based violence, and more) the Consortium has gathered data from advocates about COVID-19 response strategies and needs over the last five months. In this session, we'll present what we've found and then we’ll open the floor to hear from attendees on the call. This will be an interactive meeting, with moderated breakout sessions so that as many voices as possible can be included.


The special topic series is designed to give advocates a chance to learn more about the available housing funding for survivors, ask questions, process issues, and provide mutual support on the impact of the COVID-19 virus in safe housing programs.