Consortium TA Team COVID-19 Special Topic Series: Domestic Violence for Homeless/Housing Programs: The Relationship is the Intervention

Safe Housing Partnerships

Case managers and other staff working in homeless/housing programs are keenly aware that domestic violence is a factor in many of the households they serve, and that sometimes they must respond, intervene, and offer resources. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many indications that the broadly used virus containment strategy known as "Stay at Home" orders could be creating conditions that increase the likelihood of heightened danger to survivors. This webinar is designed to provide tools and information for homeless/housing program staff. Topics include DV dynamics, how a survivor's risk analysis factors into decisions about staying or separating, and how staff can navigate their responsibilities to both members of the household with increased safety as the goal. Presenters also offer tips on partnering with DV advocates and agencies and invite discussion about how programs are adapting their service delivery approaches to safely maintain contact with housing participants during the pandemic. 


The special topic series is designed to give advocates a chance to learn more about the available housing funding for survivors, ask questions, process issues, and provide mutual support on the impact of the COVID-19 virus in safe housing programs.

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