Safe Housing Partnerships July 2020 Newsletter

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The New Normal: Reimagining the Foundations of Survivor Safety

This issue of the Safe Housing Partnerships newsletter seeks to honor the lessons being learned as a result of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. In March of this year, as widespread public health measures were advised and then mandated, essential workers and social service providers across the spectrum scrambled to make the necessary pivots to acquire personal protective equipment (PPE), to protect and support essential frontline staff, and to safely and equitably reach, house, and resource members of those communities who are often and historically poorly served. As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, so too, does historic and structural racism. The linkages between poor health and lack of safe housing can no longer be denied. This edition highlights the resources developed and foundational lessons learned from this global public health crisis to inform our strategies for safely housing survivors in a collaborative, equitable, and accessible way.

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