What Survivor Advocates Need to Know about COVID-19 Eviction Protections and Related Housing Relief Funding

Garbage bins, cardboard boxes, and dresser drawers sit as trash to be collected at the edge of a green lawn, in front of a white house.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, federal, state, and local governments have mandated eviction and utility moratoriums to prevent homelessness and slow the spread of the virus. This tenants’ rights landscape has been ever-changing. As a result, many questions have emerged from survivors, their advocates, and housing providers concerning the housing rights of domestic and sexual assault survivors. During this facilitated conversation, panelists address common questions regarding survivors’ housing protections during and after the pandemic and resources available to tenants who are having trouble paying rent. Specifically, panelists address (1) how survivors’ housing security has been adversely impacted by the pandemic; (2) updates on the current state of COVID-19 eviction protections; and (3) updates about efforts to distribute emergency rental assistance to tenants who have experienced difficulties in paying rent. A large portion of the webinar will be devoted to answering questions from the audience. Attendees are encouraged to submit their questions in advance during registration.


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