About The Consortium

The federal Domestic Violence and Housing Technical Assistance Consortium (the Consortium) is an innovative, collaborative approach to providing training, technical assistance, and resource development at the critical intersection of domestic and sexual violence, homelessness, and housing.

Funded and supported by an unprecedented partnership between the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Justice, and Department of Housing and Urban Development, this multi-year Consortium brings together national, state, and local organizations with deep expertise on housing and domestic violence in order to collaboratively build and strengthen technical assistance to both housing/homelessness providers and domestic violence service providers. The Consortium aims to improve policies, identify promising practices, and strengthen collaborations necessary to improve housing options for survivors of domestic violence and their children in order to enhance safety, stability, and well-being.

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Media Kit Downloadable Version

The following materials can be used for promotion of the Safe Housing Partnerships website and the resources available on the site. You may also download a pdf version of the content found on this page using the link provided below.

Press Release

Download a copy of the press release announcing the launch of the Safe Housing Partnerships website.

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Social Media

The following materials are designed for use on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Use the images and sample posts/tweets on your own social channels. When posting materials to social media, use the hashtag #safehousing.


Sample posts:

  • Domestic and sexual violence is a leading cause of homelessness for women and children, and the need for safe and affordable housing is one of the most pressing concerns for survivors of violence and abuse.
    Safehousingpartnerships.org provides resources to housing, homelessness and domestic and sexual violence service providers and advocates. #safehousing
  • 92% of homeless women have experienced severe physical or sexual abuse at some point in their lives, and 63% have been victims of intimate partner violence as adults. The interrelated nature of domestic and sexual violence and homelessness is undeniable.
    Safehousingpartnerships.org provides resources to housing, homelessness and domestic and sexual violence service providers and advocates. #safehousing
  • Domestic violence is the immediate cause of homelessness for many women. Survivors of #DV are often isolated from support networks and financial resources by their abusers, which puts them at risk of becoming homeless. As a result, they may lack steady income, employment history, credit history, and landlord references.
    Safehousingpartnerships.org provides resources to housing, homelessness and domestic and sexual violence service providers and advocates. #safehousing

Sample Tweets:

  • Power & control dynamics of abuse create many barriers between survivors & safe, affordable housing. #safehousing http://ow.ly/yu1S30aCUnO
  • Learn more about intersection of housing, homelessness & #domesticviolence #sexualviolence at safehousingpartnerhips.org #safehousing
  • Families fleeing from #domesticviolence find refuge in emergency shelters & transitional housing programs. #safehousing http://ow.ly/yu1S30aCUnO
  • In one day, over 7900 requests for housing assistance were unmet due to funding & staffing shortages #safehousing http://ow.ly/yu1S30aCUn
  • 80% of homeless mothers & children have experienced #domesticviolence. #safehousing http://ow.ly/yu1S30aCUnO
  • 57% of homeless women cite #domesticviolence as contributing to their homelessness. #safehousing http://ow.ly/yu1S30aCUnO
  • Report: 84% of DV shelter residents need help finding affordable housing. #safehousing http://ow.ly/yXZ030aCWk6 More: safehousingpartnerships.org
  • 38% of all #domesticviolence victims become homeless at some point in their lives. #safehousing http://ow.ly/yu1S30aCUnO
  • Report: 20% of victims & survivors became homeless as a result of sexual violence. #safehousing http://ow.ly/yu1S30aCUnO
  • Connecting #domesticviolence, #sexualassault & safe housing is critical. Learn more: http://ow.ly/yu1S30aCUnO #safehousing
  • Nobody should have to choose between staying in an unsafe home & having no home at all. http://ow.ly/yu1S30aCUnO #safehousing

An animated GIF (a graphic image that moves), two separate three-minute animated video, and an infographic have also been developed to provide visual representations of the intersection of domestic violence and housing and homelessness. Please use the links provided below to download and utilize each in your social media campaigns and personal or professional presentations.

PowerPoint Slides

These PowerPoint slides can be added to presentations at conferences and webinars to promote Safe Housing Partnerships and the resources available through the site. There is a 6-slide version that goes into more detail about the different components of the site, and a 1-slide version that provides a high-level overview.