Promising Practices and Model Programs: Trauma-Informed Approaches to Working with Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence and Other Trauma


Based on a series of interviews with model programs, this report looks at how DV/SA programs are currently conceptualizing trauma-informed and trauma-specific work and how this translates into enhanced or improved services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence - including in shelter and housing programs. Authors discuss aspects of trauma-informed services that were identified as especially meaningful to survivors and ways that programs are measuring outcomes and evaluating the impact of their work. Includes a look at culturally specific approaches to trauma and healing, including collective approaches, community-based practices, and those that can be offered by advocates and/or by trusted community members. Taken together, the information gathered from these interviews provides valuable insights on myriad ways to support survivors of domestic and sexual violence who may have experienced multiple traumatic experiences over the course of their lives.

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