Archived webinar recordings from the Domestic Violence and Housing Technical Assistance Consortium address key issues related to meeting survivors’ needs at the intersections of domestic and sexual violence and housing/homelessness.

This webinar is designed to provide tools and information for homeless/housing program staff. Topics include DV dynamics, how a survivor's risk analysis factors into decisions about staying or separating, and how staff can navigate their responsibilities to both members of the household with increased safety as the goal.

Members of the Consortium TA team presented on eviction moratoriums in the time of COVID-19 and shared what advocates need to know.

In ordinary times, many victim services programs use hotel and motel stays to stretch capacity, accommodate households who need to opt out of community shelter models, and as a bridge to imminent shelter openings. How can hotel and motel stays be effectively employed during the COVID-19 pandemic? This webinar features presenters from Iowa programs who are using this strategy as part of their pandemic response.

Members of the Consortium TA team, along with special guests, discuss the direct spending bill passed by Congress in response to the coronavirus pandemic -- including the $12 billion in funding for HUD programs.

HUD’s Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs (SNAPS) invited homeless assistance providers and their partners to participate in an Office Hours session to discuss COVID-19 planning and response.

This webinar from NNEDV highlights learnings from the Women of Color Network, Inc. and Center for Survivor Agency and Justice’s report entitled, “Showing Up: How we See, Speak and Disrupt Racial Inequality Facing Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence,” to expand participant’s capacity to connect the dots between racial inequity in the gender-based violence movement and housing.

Presented by NNEDV and CS, this webinar provides an overview of federal requirements for utilizing an HMIS Comparable Database and highlights West Virginia’s exploration, selection, and implementation of a formalized data collection and reporting software. Facilitators will highlight selection criteria, fundamentals on implementation agreements, what to expect from vendors, lessons learned through the implementation process, and next steps.

Hosted by the National Network to End Domestic Violence, presenters from the PA Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Diana T. Myers & Associates will review strategies that state DV coalitions can implement to increase safe housing options for survivors in their home states.

Presenters Rachna Khare (Daya Houston), Shenna Morris (GA Coalition Against Domestic Violence), and Debbie Fox (National Network to End Domestic Violence) explore options and strategies for increasing safe housing options for survivors from culturally specific communities through the HUD Continuum of Care Program Competition.

This webinar takes a deeper dive into exploring how two programs have successfully implemented DV rapid re-housing for survivors. Hosted by the National Alliance for Safe Housing, the presenters include: Genese Jones-Torrence from SafeNest in Las Vegas and Anna Harper-Guerrero with Emerge! Against Domestic Abuse in Tucson.